Anyone may contact our office directly for services, referrals are not necessary. All services provided by Victim Services of Brant are confidential and free of charge.

Mission Statement:

Victim Services of Brant is a Community based agency that assist emergency services in providing accessible, confidential client centred support to victims of crime, tragic circumstances and disaster.

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A victim is any person whose life has been affected by a criminal act, tragic circumstance or disaster, regardless of severity.
Trauma has an impact on everyone – especially the victim. However, victims of crime and their significant others (family and friends) may also require support following a crime. We are here to help them too.

Dealing with Crisis:
Dealing with a crisis is something we may all face at some point in our lives.
Sudden death, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, homicide or suicides are all tragedies that can strike anyone at any time. In addition to fear, rage, isolation and confusion, victims may experience intense mental and physical distress.
Victim Services of Brant can provide immediate emotional support and practical assistance to help victims cope with a crisis.