Victim Rights

The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights provides the following rights to victims of crime.

Right to Information

Victims have the right to receive information about the justice system, and about the services and programs available to them. Victims may also obtain specific information on the progress of the case, including information on the investigation, prosecution and sentencing of the person who harmed them.

Right to participation

Victims have the right to present victim impact statements and have them considered in court. Victims also have the right to express their views about decisions that affect their rights.

Right to protection

Victims have the right to have their security and privacy considered at all stages of the criminal justice process, and to have reasonable and necessary protection from intimidation and retaliation. Victims also have the right to ask for a testimonial aid at court appearances.

Right to seek restitution

Victims have the right to have the court consider making a restitution order, and having an unpaid restitution order enforced through a civil court.

For more information, visit Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime

Office for Victims of Crime welcome all kinds of input from victims of crime.
You can share information about your experiences after victimization, including positive experiences and challenges with any service or support you received or tried to access.

For more information visit Office for Victims of Crime ,
TTY: 416-849-4110

The Victim Notification System is a service that provides victims, and other registered parties, with telephone notifications when there are changes in the status of:

  • provincially incarcerated adult inmates
  • offenders who are under community supervision, such as probation, parole and conditional sentence

To receive offender release information, you can register at 1-888-579-2888. For more information please visit the Victim Notification System.

Once you are registered, you will receive an automated voice message by phone whenever there are changes in an inmate or offender’s status, who are currently under the ministry’s supervision.

This is a secure website where victims may register and obtain information about federal offenders. For questions at any time you can contact the Correctional Service of Canada toll-free at 1-866-806-2275, or the Parole Board of Canada at 1-866-789-4636. For more information please visit Victims Portal.